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Digital Spa is the best Spanish partner for communication and marketing agencies to outsource international social media, PR and digital marketing campaigns. Allow us to introduce you the most outstanding online treatments that will give English agencies a fully integrated service to reach out the Hispanic market.

Enter the Digital Spa and our team of experienced bilingual digital professionals will work as your agency’s best partner in Spain and Latin America. Our first-in-class Spanish consultants will drive results while having a close daily relationship with your agency and final client.

Relax and trust our reputable bilingual marketing and communication advisors. Why? Because we are the best and unique Spanish agency specialized in proficient multilingual projects managed by a talented team within the fields of:

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Cristina Hontanilla, Co-Founder

In a village of La Mancha, the name of which there is no need to call to mind, there lived not long since a girl who was called to become a Journalist. That was Cristina.

She graduated in Journalism at Antonio Nebrija University, in Madrid, in 2005. She has made her career switching between Spain and UK, where she worked as translator in the editorial team of Vault LTD, as the Spanish Marketing & Social Media Manager at Action Cameras and as a freelancer marketing consultant for The Viral Factory, a social video agency.

She hold a postgraduate course in Online Marketing and Ecommerce. Currently she works as an Account Consultant at Agencia SIM, where she carries out social media and communication projects for different brands and in diverse fields. She loves content marketing so she invests her (little) spare time to blog on her own blog and contributing to others in Spain and outside.

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Beatriz Cebas, Co-Founder

Graduated in Journalism at the Complutense University Madrid and a Master of Arts on Communications and Media Studies at the University of the Arts London, Beatriz has specialized on Digital Cinema & Online Media.

She has worked for five years as a radio, TV and print journalist for Spanish, English and Canadian media. From 2008 on she has focused her career on digital media working for agencies (The Cocktail, The Film Agency) as well as a freelance developing online campaigns for brands like Vodafone, Schweppes, Mahou, Telepizza and Endesa.

She has also developed her career on cinema working for festivals (Riviera Maya Film Festival) distribution companies (Karma Films) and TV channels (Turner Broadcasting).

In 2013 she launched the communication agency Flamingo Comunicación offering Press Campaigns, Social Media, Content, Digital Marketing and Consultancy services to the Cultural Industries.

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Patricia Fornos

In Mexico City, place of a single season, Patricia Fornos breathes for the first time in 1980 and is filled with bright and joyful colors.

The endless search for different ways of expression and experiences to enrich her artistically and professionally, led her to buy a one way ticket to the country of her ancestors:  Spain, where she has evolved from a designer into an artist who harmonizes esthetic sensibility and expresses her joy and creative freedom in her compositions.

Illustrator and Art Director known as "the skull artist". Specialized in offline and online marketing campaigns where illustration is the primary graphic and visual resource. She has worked for 8 years in Comunication agencys which clients are Telefónica, Mutua madrileña, Inditex, BBVA, Renfe, etc…

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Mariola Zarco

Mariola has spent more than 12 years living abroad in more than 8 countries with a life dedicated to international sport events, such as Olympic Games or FIFA World Cups, mainly participating for the international press centers of those events. This experiences have given her the taste and knowledge of how international media works and what type of contents are demanded for this type of events. Speaks English, French and German. These languages have helped her to create a side activity as a freelance translator for different international companies or even being a stringer for newspapers as the German "Die Zeit".

Founder of La Paloma Mensajera, a customized translation and interpretation services site. Actually she is taking advantage of her international commerce background and is currently developing new projects back on her region in Spain whilst spreading Spanish as the future language within the online sports world.

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Celia Fernández

Graduated in Journalism and Media at the Carlos III University Madrid, Celia has always focused on cultural activities and all kind of art.   She started working producing cultural events related with music and poetry as well as helping with their communication. From that moment on, she has worked on communication agencies (Toniflix Comunicación Diversa y Art In Progress), websites (Un Buen Día en Madrid y Un Buen Día en Barcelona) and cultural projects together with institutions like Medialab Prado o CaixaForum, specializing on media and social media. Sometimes, she goes away from media to recite and film documentaries.


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